Why Professional Scrum Master training is better for you?

2 min readSep 20, 2017

Demand for Scrum trained professional is growing in market as more and more companies are adopting Scrum framework for competitive advantage. I see this trend of growing demand in Asia-Pacific and South-East Asia specially India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong and Singapore. Organizations are either trying to get their staff trained by Professional Scrum Trainer or hiring professionally trained Scrum people.

Better and aligned content with quality exam

Better to valid your learning by going through good quality examination. If exam quality is better than students also focus more on right content. What can be better than Scrum Guide itself on the name of right content. Professional Scrum training are based on Scrum Guide and owned by Professional Scrum Trainers collectively. Collective ownership of content helps in keeping content up to date and helps in maintain quality. After all this is what Scrum also says. Collective ownership over individual ownership.

Professional Scrum Trainers are coaches

Professional Scrum Trainers are coaches as there is no difference in content for teaching or coaching. A good coach supposed to be a good teacher too and teacher with practical knowledge is more effective than just theoretical teachers. Often Professional Scrum Trainers share learning and experiments that they run in class and that helps student to connect back. Coaches as trainer is always better than just trainer.

Continuing learning without additional cost

Professional Scrum series believes in pay once and learn continuously without asking you to pay $$ again and again. Once you enroll for class and pass the Professional Scrum exam then you become lifetime owner of your certificate that you have earned it. You don’t need to pay money for renewal of your certificate. That doesn’t mean that your learning end after getting most valued Scrum certificate. In fact, your learning journey start from here and if you have subscribed to newsletters then you will have continuous update about new things happening in this world. Like someone sharing learning through blog, webinars and conferences.

Encourage student to validate learning

Over the period, Professional Scrum Trainers have observed that people don’t write exam after attending class and one of the KEY reason is “fear of fail”. In most cases students try to delay exam and that’s too doesn’t help either. Starting September 12, students will have option to write exam one more time for NO COST. 2nd attempt is free for those who doesn’t clear exam with required %. Only condition is that they have write 1st time within 14 days of last day of training. Wow! Great opportunity!!

There are some of my observations based on my experience and interaction with people during my travel to these places.




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