Only half job Done with SCRUM!!! Why?

3 min readDec 6, 2017

Right from birth I have been taught “how” to walk, eat, talk, bath, comb my hair, dress and many more. Made many mistakes and have been corrected then and there through advice or by punishments.

Learning have become as part of my life. I have been very much interested in learning new stuffs, so I can be a better person than yesterday. Spent a lot of time and money to acquire new skills through training’s, books, videos, blogs and conferences.

After applying the new learnings in my life or career activities, I did try to do retrospect occasionally and result was amazing. Found that I was not doing the 100% as I supposed to be doing. For example: Let’s consider that I know how much water should I drink in a day which is 3 liters or 30 minutes exercise daily for a healthy life. My retrospection indicates me that I have been doing 60 to 70 % only without knowing it. Blaming myself that the required goal is not achieved even after good effort.

Why I haven’t achieved 100%?

Old habit with New Method:
It’s a long time thought that I should become as a fitness freak to stay healthy and to do my activities on my own without troubling others. But I always used to burden my family members to do my work.

Decided many a time to do exercise and even started, but failed within few days. I always used to procrastinate by thinking that it can be started tomorrow.

Survey of the fitness team says, members who do their exercise only for 3 days and it is stopped due to the reason which I said above. Another survey team says that a new habit can be formed if you do for 21 days continuously. Why can’t I try it?

I started my exercise with jogging daily & used “30 days fitness challenge” application to boost my confidence. So, to improve myself on this exercise mentality & process, I used the agile method called SCRUM.

Applied only 50%:

The University of Minnesota who has conducted many tests and led them to get a conclusion that people who have keenly listened to the professor’s short talk can able to remember only 50%. If that is the case for me, let me explain what my 50% learning of SCRUM method has helped me to achieve success.

Started my exercise with vision: To become healthy by having proper exercise and food & Goal: To be in a weight as per body mass index (BMI), which is 72 kgs maximum for my height of 5 feet 11 inches tall.

Success Ahead

The scrum supports me to define and measure my activities. My healthy weight loss motivated me to eat right & burn calories regularly. Now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel (at each sprint end), where my adrenaline pushes me to do more when the success has been achieved at every time boxed activities end.

Now I strongly believe that the success can be achieved for most of the activities which is there in my pipeline.

My story is just a sweet sample to taste, you can also give a try.




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